30 Jun: What is Possible with Remote Digital Forensics?

It has become increasingly clear that digital forensics providers must provide flexible forensic imaging and collection options for companies and law firms engaged in discovery and investigations. While remote digital forensics was a relatively uncommon service just ten years ago,…

Digital Forensics that is Quick, Nimble, and Cost-Effective

Data Narro is Milwaukee’s expert digital forensics and e-discovery firm. Located downtown, we specialize in helping law firms, businesses, and government agencies discover, recover, and preserve digital evidence for the purposes of investigation, forensic analysis, and litigation support. Our company is built on the idea that smarter, nimble teams can provide a higher level of service to our customers. We employ only the most experienced consultants and use a set of core values to guide our engagements. While we are based in Wisconsin, we serve clients throughout the upper Midwest.


Digital Forensics

Using certified tools and methods, Data Narro can help you preserve and recover electronically stored information located on digital media. With an emphasis on creating an evidentiary chain of custody, we ensure that the data we collect is verifiable and forensically sound.


Data Narro provides a full-spectrum suite of services to help law firms meet their e-discovery needs. We work with all major e-discovery platforms and will help you capture and process sensitive electronic data.

Litigation Support

Data Narro works closely with your team to help build efficient, cost-effective forensics strategies for your litigation teams. From early case assessment to data filtering to expert testimony, we can provide a superior set of support services to help you win your case.

Getting Started With Data Narro:

Getting started with us is easy. Call or email for a no-cost consultation. If you are new to digital forensics, we’ll walk you through the basics, letting you know what is possible and how our services work. If you are a seasoned professional, we’ll give you an overview of our capabilities and talk about your specific needs.

Please fill out our contact form and we will give you instant access to our current Data Narro brochure and rate sheet.