Digital Forensics CLE Class

The Attorney's Guide to Modern Digital Forensics

Now Available: “The Attorney’s Guide to Modern Digital Forensics” CLE Class

This engaging, informative 60-minute CLE class is exclusively for Wisconsin-based law firms

Data Narro is proud to announce the availability of a new CLE-class that is focused on modern digital forensics and e-discovery. This class is FREE and can be taught at our facility in downtown Milwaukee or brought in-house to your law firm at no cost!

Attorneys that stay current with digital forensics technology will have a significant advantage over their competitors that don’t. In this 60-minute class, Erik Thompson of Data Narro, LLC will:

  • Provide an up-to-date understanding of possible sources of digital evidence and how digital forensics professionals can secure this information, whether it’s on a storage drive, email system, mobile phone, social media account, or cloud storage.
  • Explain how and when investigators are able to recover missing, deleted, or damaged information from storage devices.
  • Show you exactly what to do with devices you believe contain discoverable evidence
  • Present practices to prevent the theft of proprietary company information by inside employees and outside hackers.


  • Learn how to advise your clients to protect against intellectual property theft
  • Understand how to draft or respond to an electronic discovery request
  • Get a deeper understanding about the places you can expect to find usable electronic information/digital evidence to strengthen your case
  • Learn about the capabilities and limitations of modern digital forensics techniques

Please contact us to today to discuss how we can bring our class to your attorneys. Email us at or call Lars at 262-393-1713. Or, fill out the form below!