E-Discovery Expertise That’s Local

Over the past twenty years, we have watched as legal discovery has transitioned from a primarily paper-based effort to an electronic one. During this time, our Senior Forensics Director Erik Thompson has helped law firms all around the Midwest understand how to best harness the promise of e-discovery.

Whether you are technologically-savvy or not, we can help you take full advantage of e-discovery concepts and tools to gather the compelling evidence you need to win your case.

Data Narro provides a full-spectrum suite of services to help law firms meet their e-discovery needs. We work with all major e-discovery platforms and will help you capture and process sensitive electronic data. We can also manage and host e-discovery platforms for you.

  • Pre-Litigation Consulting
  • ESI Assessment & Analysis
  • ESI Search & Filtering
  • ESI Processing & Loading
  • E-Discovery Platform Hosting
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony