The Trail of Digital Evidence That You Leave Behind

The Trail of Digital Evidence That You Leave Behind

At Data Narro, we do a lot of thinking about the digital evidence that people generate on their personal computing devices. Most of us realize that there is a trade-off that we are making on a daily basis. By embracing modern technology, each of us is implicitly agreeing to give up anonymity in many of our regular activities. While most people believe there is little harm in the digital traces we leave behind, most people don’t understand the extent of which those digital traces are being captured, analyzed, and sold by a growing number of companies. In an era of big data and even bigger computational resources, AI-enabled algorithms are now able to correlate seemingly disparate data into highly personalized consumer profiles.

In a compelling new article, the New York Times exposes how your smartphone is providing your location hundreds, sometimes thousands, of times a day to companies that have little regard for your privacy needs. From this data, it’s possible to trace your every move throughout the day, providing deep insight into your habits, your preferences, and even your intentions. This article is a must-read not just for digital forensics professionals, but for everyone walking around with a mobile phone in their pocket.

Read the NY Times Article here:
Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

Check out “The Daily” podcast for an excellent synopsis:
The Business of Selling Your Location

Photo Illustration by Data Narro. Photo elements provided by slon_dot_pics & Antonio Quagliata from Pexels.

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